A lot happens at my kitchen table.  There aren’t always knights, sometimes there could be Darth Vader and the Cookie Monster, a girl friend in need, puzzling primary school homework, a neglected craft project, way too many cookbooks, gorgeous friends enjoying a meal – well, you get the idea.

It’s not the good life, nor is it the simple life or the frugal life, this is …… my kitchen table! This particular kitchen table is probably not unlike your own.  It collects many things, things not necessarily connected but all representative of you, your family and your life.

Here you’ll find that I love old stuff – old traditions, ways of doing things, old recipes, old household tips, just old stuff.  In total contrast, every latest gadget finds itself into the house as well. Not so much in the kitchen where I like to do things from scratch, by hand but everywhere else in the house.

I grow herbs and veggies while the rest of the garden is completely neglected.  Food is important to me and I watch what my family eats, where the food comes from and what it contains.  Yet my kids eat sweets and ice cream.  Butter over margarine. Omnivore. Yes I use sugar. I’d love to butcher my own meat and get into preserving/canning.  One day homemade bread will be delicious, not just useful for building retaining walls. ( I bake bricks).

Love the moon, the earth and Nature in general, but I’ll turn into a woman possessed if there is a spider anywhere in my personal space.


Mother of 3 boys – possibly 4 since my husband refuses the label “responsible adult”, I work from home where I run the Herbology website and occasionally put the metaphoric pen to paper to add to the collection of Herbology At Home series of guides to natural health. I am also a professional body painter at AnkeCatesby.com

We live in a lovely part of Australia where it is usually too hot, definitely too humid and yes I would love to spend a few years in England, thank you for asking.

Please take a seat and join me At My Kitchen Table

Knights At My Kitchen Table