Awful offal or forgotten delights?


I love food.  Pretty much all food.  Well, not offal (also known as entrails, variety meat, organ meat, giblets).
I watched Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall of River Cottage fame wax lyrically about all manner of internal organs which he transformed into modern, tasty looking dishes, but I still am reluctant to go there most of the time.

Kidneys in a steak & kidney pudding are fine as long as they are small bits, so is liver in liverwurst, but I dont like liver and onions. Havent tried lungs or tripe but am open to trying ox heart.  Tongue is okay(ish), brains leave me cold, sweetbreads are okay(ish) too – depends on which part of the body and animal they come from. It’s usually the texture that bothers me, not the taste. Or in the case of tripe, the smell.

Although, that reminds me that I saw a regional German recipe for a sausage type thing that is spleen stuffed with meat, bread, herbs and spices – a spleen sausage. As horrid as this sounds, I REALLY want to make it if I could just find someone who will share the eating with me. The boys probably will, but HeWhoRefusesToGrowUp (my husband) has already lodged a very vocal protest. So who wants to join me for a light lunch or snack when/if I make this????

I’d really like to show you the picture from my cookbook but I dont want to get in copyright trouble.

On Facebook I am part of a group of women from all over the world who share their cooking and eating experiences and there are an awful lot of offal eaters out there.

Do you eat offal?  What’s your favourite dish and why?

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  1. The only parts I eat are liver and gizards:) Love liver, I think it tastes a lot like duck! Gizards are okay, but don’t love them like I do liver:) I have tried and just don’t care for the rest of the bits. It is the texture for me too xxx

  2. The only offal I eat Anke, is Beef tongue in madeira sauce.
    Nice blog Anke 🙂

  3. That’s a NO on the offal from me!

  4. nice recipe hon! thanks for sharing it!!!xx

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