Cakepops – Bite sized works of art


It used to be cakes you took to school for your child to share with his classmates on his birthday.  Then cupcakes ruled the birthday scene for a few years.  Now, cakepops are the latest trend in cakey-ness, so that is what I made for my son to take to school with him.   I love how small they are.  Enough to be special, and way not enough to spoil an appetite.

Spent some time behind the moon recently and don’t know what cakepops are?  Cakepops are cake popsicles, bite size morsels of cake, on a lollipop stick and beautifully decorated of course.

If you have a look around the web, which by now you should know I always do, you’ll find that almost all the instructions for cakepops tell you to bake a packet cake, mush it up and  mix that with some packet frosting/icing.  What you’ll end up with is a REALLY sweet mix.  I guess that’s fine since they are so little, but……come on….

Since you are baking anyway, why not throw a couple more things together and NOT bake a packet cake?
And while you are in the swing of things, why not mix icing sugar with cream cheese instead of the packet frosting?
Anyway, that is what I did.  I found a lovely how-to here  (used the white cake recipe I used for the Lego cake) which also had a much more appealing icing that the others I saw.

Once I had baked the white cake, cooled it completely, I crumbled it into a bowl, mixed it with enough cream cheese icing until it held its shape when squeezed.  (I seems silly to write out the exact same recipes that are at the above links, so I won’t.)

Roll the mix into walnut sized balls, insert your sticks and pop into the fridge for awhile.  As you can see I used wooden popsicle sticks, I figured they would be easier to hold for little hands, and I had no idea where to get the other kind ;P

Now comes the fun stuff of decorating.  There are plenty of examples to be found of really intricate sugar work, some really beautiful pieces of art that are a shame to eat.  Me being me, that wasn’t going to happen.

I chose to dip 1/2 the batch into white chocolate, put on sprinkles, then when set dip bottom half into milk chocolate.  The other 1/2 of the batch went into the milk chcocolate and once set I squiggled some white chocolate over them and again threw on some sprinkles.

The result was really surprisingly lovely, dont you think?

What a great way to use up left over cake too.


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  1. Love these, perfect size

  2. Holy cow you’re clever!! I’ve never made a cake pop in my life and I keep telling the cake pop queen that I will try them. I figure if I make cake pops I’ll just eat one after another til they’re gone – they’re little. 🙂

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