December 16, 2012
by Anke

Potted Lemon Balm Prawns

…. he saw it as a wonderful opportunity to blow me away with a huge armload of herb books. One of those books is Herbal Gifts by Joanna Sheen, which was published 21 years ago, and it is in this book I found this really lovely recipe for Lemon Balm Potted Prawns. Continue reading


March 7, 2012
by Anke

Cakepops – Bite sized works of art

Now, cakepops are the latest trend in cakey-ness, so that is what I made for my son to take to school with him. I love how small they are. Enough to be special, and way not enough to spoil an appetite.

Spent some time behind the moon recently and don’t know what cakepops are? Cakepops are cake popsicles, bite size morsels of cake, on a lollipop stick and beautifully decorated of course….. Continue reading


March 5, 2012
by Anke

Making a Lego birthday cake

A Lego party requires a Lego cakeFor inspiration I looked around the net, but the amazing examples I found did little but deflate my enthusiasm given my cake making skills. Betty Crocker to the rescue!!! A page with step by step Lego cake instructions was the answer to my dilemma……. Continue reading

Homemade Hanuta

February 28, 2012
by Anke

Nutella-phile: Hanuta – Recreating a childhood favourite

A little while ago I came across an entire blog dedicated to Nutella – BELLA nutella. YAY! Reading all the wonderful recipes, I was inspired to recreate a childhood favourite (which is also not available in Australia) called Hanuta which is a yummy chocolate, hazelnut slice. Continue reading


February 19, 2012
by Anke

Spelt Lemon Drizzle Cake

When we were last in the UK my mother in law, B, made a cake I really liked. A Lemon Drizzle Cake, lovely and moist with just the right amount of lemoniness. It’s the type of cake that is nothing special to look at, it’s all in the texture and flavour.

The trip was in late 2010 and I’ve only now got my hand on the recipe. This turned out to be fortuitous because last night Jamie Oliver tweeted his Nan’s Lemon Drizzle Cake and it gave me a great opportunity to compare recipes. Continue reading


February 12, 2012
by Anke

Tarragon Strawberries with Rosemary Yoghurt

Everyone does chocolate at Valentine’s Day, but what do you do when your Knight’s horse is already suffering under all the chocolate I may or may not have spoiled said Knight with duirng the year. Why, gorgeous, red, heart shaped strawberries of course!!! Continue reading


February 8, 2012
by Anke

Chicken with Lentils

Chicken & Lentils – very French, very simple, very cheap, very tasty.
Of course you can use chicken pieces instead of halves, double the lentils, add celery, bay leaf, a shot of cognac, maybe a smidge of bacon too. Use this as your base recipe, then let your personal taste guide you o come up with a family favourite. Continue reading


February 5, 2012
by Anke

Creating with leftovers

Now I know that the pictures looked sort of….brown…and beige….with bacon. But let me assure you that whateverboth these dishes were lacking in colour was more than made up in taste.

So what are your go-to dishes to get rid of leftovers??? Continue reading


February 1, 2012
by Anke

Victoria Sponge with Strawberries & Cream

A sponge cake with strawberries and cream. Easy!

Or not. I’ve never made a sponge before and I have heard that there is a bit of a knack to it, which is probably the reason why it is still a constant contestant at fairs and fetes everywhere. Continue reading