February 8, 2012
by Anke

Chicken with Lentils

Chicken & Lentils – very French, very simple, very cheap, very tasty.
Of course you can use chicken pieces instead of halves, double the lentils, add celery, bay leaf, a shot of cognac, maybe a smidge of bacon too. Use this as your base recipe, then let your personal taste guide you o come up with a family favourite. Continue reading

February 5, 2012
by Anke

Creating with leftovers

Now I know that the pictures looked sort of….brown…and beige….with bacon. But let me assure you that whateverboth these dishes were lacking in colour was more than made up in taste.

So what are your go-to dishes to get rid of leftovers??? Continue reading

January 30, 2012
by Anke

Berliner Potato Soup

Berliner potato soup is a very old recipe said to have been a favourite of the last German emperor, William II. The base of his recipe would have been made from ham bones (just like I usually make) but the man on the street would have made his with whatever was on hand, maybe a sausage on the side. Berliner soups are not starters. These are rich, full on stews meant to warm and fill you up. Continue reading

January 23, 2012
by Anke

Scotch Eggs from Scratch

Have you ever had a scotch egg? It’s a quintessential English snack that is often found, plastic wrapped in roadhouses and supermarkets. Now if you are partial to squashballs wrapped in mystery meat which have been crumbed and fried within your lifetime, then this would be a heavenly thing indeed. I however prefer to know where my food comes from and how long it has been around. Continue reading

December 22, 2011
by Anke

Malay Goat Curry

Let’s start off with something out of the ordinary. Although not out of the ordinary for many parts of the world, as goat maked up 63% of the world’s red meat consumption. I had often wondered what goat tastes like, imagining it to be a bit like gamey lamb. Continue reading