Creating with leftovers


We all have them.  We all stare at them, sitting there, these little bits of lots of things that aren’t enough to do anything with.

So what do YOU do when you find in your fridge ….

  • some left over rice
  • some left over spaghetti
  • a 2 inch butt end of Chinese BBQ pork
  • same again  for a piece of speck
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 baby pack choy
  • 1/2 zucchini
  • 1/2 French shallot
  • one king oyster mushroom
  • bit of coriander
  • and a bit of parsley

If you were like me you would make family dinner for two nights.

With staples from the pantry like soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic oil , seasoning and pickled cucumbers I fed two adults and 2 halves without having to compromise on flavour…. or worse, resort to what passes as take away in our neck of the woods.

First a very unauthentic fried rice. This took care of the rice, bbq pork, 2 eggs, pak choy, zucchini, shallot, mushroom and coriander.

I made an omlette from the eggs, a few drops of sesame oil, pinch of white pepper and chopped coriander.   Once that had browned and set I put it aside and started frying the diced bbq pork , sliced mushroom, sliced shallot and a bit of the speck. Add the rice, heat through, stiring all the time so it doesnt catch.  Splash on soy sauce.  Hey presto, fried rice.   I blanched the pak choy and the zucchini, drained really well, sprinkled a couple of drops of garlic oil and served it along side the rice.

On the second day came one of my favourites, a German bubble and squeak if you will. Actually, come to think of it that is made with potatoes not pasta, and isn’t called bubble & spueak but a Farmer’s Breakfast.  Uhm…ok…moving right along…..

Leftover pasta is fried with bacon/speck till it gets brown and crispy ends, season with pepper, sprinkle parsley, throw over 2 beaten eggs and stir it all around so everything has a bit of egg on it.  Finish cooking till the egg is set.  This is usually served with pickles of some sort.
This one leaves itself open to all manner of variations – try salami instead of bacon – and I will always cook too much pasta just so I can use up other things in the fridge.

Now I know that the pictures looked sort of….brown…and beige….with bacon.  But let me assure you that whateverboth these dishes were lacking in colour was more than made up in taste.

So what are your go-to dishes to get rid of leftovers???

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