Lego themed Birthday Party


A few days ago our darling Little Professor turned 6.  This year was a first in that the party took place at home & indoors.  Usually we do things outside in the garden or at some other venue, but this year I wanted to cut back on the expense that birthday parties bring with them, and the rain took care of the rest.

Since Master6 is Lego obsessed at the moment it seemed logical to make it a Lego themed party. Luckily there are loads of resources online, thanks to all the other mums out there who record what they did for their younglings’ parties…..and more importantly, HOW they did it.

For our party I scoured the net to pick and choose which bits would suit our party, my crafting abilities and my schedule.

Sorry this post is fairly photo heavy, but there is no other way to show you what we did.

For the decorations I made several meters of bunting alternating 3 Lego blocks with 1 Lego man.  All just printed out onto A4 coloured paper – two blocks/men per page.  The strawheads came from another party post here.
The kids really liked those and compared their cool faces. Of course I had to have a birthday boy banner, so I used the Lego font from here to print onto white paper, cut it out and glued it onto red A4 paper. Easy!

As the kids came in they got to guess how many Lego blocks were in the jar.  There was a prize for the closest number. With a range between 11 and 900, the closest turned out to be 90 as there were 78 blocks in the jar. Instead of the usual “stick the tail on the donkey” we played “stick the smile on the Lego head” .  This was so popular the kids asked for an encore turn.  Then the “pick up Lego blocks with a straw” caused much hilarity but everyone was really focused which was great to see.   We had one other Lego game up our sleeve but being inside the kids had plenty of pent up energy to expend so we chose to play “musical statues” instead.  This let them go a bit crazy and use up some of that energy before parents came for pick up.  I know that my two were certainly worn out by the end of it.

 What would a birthday party be without cake?  Hmm, I would say a birthday party where I hadn’t agonised for days on end how to create such a beast.  I always have these great pictures in my head, but I am really not a baker and certainly not a cake decorator, which means that the end result is far from the initial mental picture.

This time around, may I say that the cake TASTED great.  The icing was nice too, even if technicolour.  The execution  of the icing itself was a bit squiffy though. It could have been a lot smoother.  But guess what???  The exclamations of amazement and wonder by our Lego loving guests and my now 6 year old who said it was the bestest birthday/party/cake EVER! ……. is all I need.

Since I was not about to make this cake twice, nor was I inclined to make Lego cupcakes, I decided to go with this new fad of cakepops for Harry to take to school the next day.  Cakepopsicles turned out to be the perfect sizing for a school birthday treat to share with his classmates and teachers.  Cute huh?

I’ll write up the cake and cakepops recipe over the next couple of days and post them here too.
Some of the amazing Lego party posts I used as resources:

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  1. wow! well done! looks like heaps of fun!

  2. Oh Anke! What a lovely party you crafted for Harry! BTW, I miss his little face on your header! Really adorable ideas all around hon. You made a fab party he will always remember!! xxxx

  3. Very cute party! That cake is a tough one to frost, and you did a great job! Everything turned out great.

    Thanks for linking to my straw printables. I’m glad you were able to use them!

  4. Hey, great job with being creative with Legos. cost effective party for sure and fun for all.. Cake a real Hoot too!

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