Make an Orange Candle


When I first read about using an orange to make a candle it was said to be a great solution when the power goes out and you find you have no candles in the house.  Of course I had to try it.

Pixie Boy was rather perplexed as to why I chopped his breakfast orange differently this morning but I needed it cut in half for this experiment.  He forgave me, happily slobbering juice all over the place while I scooped out the flesh, making sure the middle stalk of pith stayed intact.

I happened to have some vegetable oil left in the pantry that I didnt actually like using for food (had a weird taste), so using it for this was perfect. You can apparently use any type of oil – olive, sunflower, whatever. Once I had filled it to just under the stalk end I tried to light it.  Yeah, that didn’t work so well.

Muttering that maybe the photos I saw online had been doctored I nevertheless perservered and after a few moments of the lighter drying/cooking the stalk it took light and has been burning ever since. It’s been going on 3 hours now. Update: It kept a lovely light going for just over 5 hours.

My observations

It works!  It produces a nice warm light and a very gentle orange perfume wafts through the room.  You could also use the other half to make a cover….perforated with a pattern for effect….and a hole in the middle to let the smoke out. This would be very pretty and effective. But then, you could also use the other half to make another candle.

Oh, I forgot to mention that this works with any citrus fruit. So if you have lemons, limes or grapefruits, you could make a nice arrangement of home made candles.


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  1. Oh WOW, this is a totally new use for citrus fruits for me, but such a brilliant one, I love the smell of orange, I’d added wax to an orange before with a wick added but never heard of using the pith and oil, thanks so much for sharing this Anke xxx

    • I thought it was a bit silly when I first saw it but the final product was actually a really nice candle substitute that had great light and great scent.

  2. Love this idea! I would love to see an arrangement of lemons, limes and oranges.

  3. totally fun and cool anke!xxx

  4. I love the idea Anke 🙂

  5. This sounds like a lovely idea for an outdoor dinner. I don’t think I’d feel safe using it inside, unless it was on a large cookie sheet or other safe surface.

  6. Great idea! I would suggest making a SMALL slice on the bottom to give a flat surface on which to sit. Also, that you place it on a ceramic or metal coaster or something to protect your surface.

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