Rhubarb Ice Cream


Do you have an ice cream maker? Do you use it much?
I need to use mine more and while I was thinking about just that the other day I wondered why no one makes rhubarb ice cream  There was some gorgeous organic rhubarb I had bought the day before that was looking for the perfect recipe.

My research resulted in a fair few recipes but really, there were only two that cut it for me. Overall very similar, Neil Perry and Nigella Lawson both had the same idea of cooking the rhubarb with sugar, cooling it, blending it, adding cream and popping it in the ice cream maker, but their proportions varied. Nigella’s was creamier using double cream and she also used double the quantity of sugar.

So in the end I relied on my experience where I have found that I liked the texture that whipped cream creates in my ice cream maker and as to sugar, well I picked a number in between the two quantities provided.  Their recipes require 500g rhubarb but my whole bunch only resulted in 350g, so that’s what I went with.


350g chopped rhubarb
120g sugar
150ml whipped cream


  • Wash rhubarb and chop.
  • In a saucepan add sugar to the rhubarb, cover and cook on a low heat until sugar is disolved and rhubarb has broken down completely. Leave to cool.
  • Puree rhubarb in a blender or with a stick blender.
  • Mix with whipped cream until well combined but not totally deflated.
  • Pour into your ice cream maker and churn according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • When semi set transfer ice cream to the freezer to fully set.

My observations

The easiest ice cream I have ever made.  No custard or other preparation, just fruit and cream.
And guess what??  It is deeeeeeeelicious!!!

Will make again, happily and often.

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  1. You have your new blog up! Wonderful! What a delicious sounding recipe:) yum yum! gorgeous header:) love the feel of it all sweets!! xxxxx

  2. Oh yumm!!! We were only looking at an ice-cream maker on Sunday and with a 15yo who eats 4 litres a week I am sure the investment will be worth it when I take the plunge. Being a lover of rhubarb I can;t wait to try this recipe out. Thanks Anke for sharing.

  3. It’s to long ago that I made ice cream. Looks delicious Anke!!

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